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How do you prepare your wonderful meal? Whether all rules, if you have the necessary licenses and permits?

We are preparing our sushi, pizza and salads in a specially designed room, which is located in the small business centers at the address. Miloslavskaya, 43 and st. Anna Akhmatova and 14. Our kitchen is fully compliant with sanitary station, this conclusion is confirmed by the state sanitary-epidemiologic examination № 03.03/1326.V on March 10, 2010.

All the recipes that we prepare are described in individually designed for our standard and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 15.2-2661609610-002:2010 TU and TU № 15.8-2661609610-001:2010 on March 3, 2010. You can find copies of documents below

We use only certified products that we have the best suppliers, carefully monitor each delivery, storage and preparation processes.

Employees of the kitchen - professional chefs who have been vetted and required sanitary survey.

You can see what it looks like our kitchen, as well as spy on some of the secrets of cooking on the page "About Us".

However, to truly appreciate the skill of our chefs, you can own only after the test.

Book and the rest with pleasure!

In the process of preparing the land use raw fish, is not dangerous is it?

We prepare our delicious and stylish sushi rolls, Gunkan based Technical Specifications (TS and TU № 15.2-2661609610-002:2010 № 15.8-2661609610-001:2010 on March 3, 2010) prepared for our company specialists of food industry. These specifications approved by the Ministry of Health and passed the appropriate registration Ukrmedstandarte.

We use only certified products (in the case of the fish must check the availability of veterinary certificates) that we buy at the best carefully selected suppliers who work on the Ukrainian market for more than a dozen years. We strongly and closely monitor each delivery, storage and preparation processes.

I really want to try sushi, but I'm afraid to eat fresh fish that you advise me?

Our menu has a lot of positions, which are used in the preparation of smoked eel and smoked salmon, shrimp and caviar. For example, sushi with eel and smoked salmon, classic Philadelphia roll with eel, Green and Gold Dragon, Red Tiger branded rolls.

We also recommend our vegetarian direction: Gunkan Hayashi Wakame, maki rolls vegetables, avocados, vegetables, roll classic.

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